La Máscara

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I rendered this design from a contemporary Mexican Folk Art ceramic mask from the state of Guerrero. The mask was decorated with bright/lively colors—blues and yellows. Because the time of the year was nearing Fall as well as November 1st, Dia de Los Muertos, I decided to simplify the colors to black & white and a red-orange. This created a mask, an image that evoked the "spirit" of the season. In the studio where I successfully pulled a proof of "La Mascara," I returned home content with a day's work. Walking into my kitchen— where the ceramic mask was hanging on the wall - I came upon shattered pieces of the mask on the floor. The spirits of the season had worked themselves from this small, handmade work of folk art to my hand-carved relief print called, "La Màscara." ~Artwork by Emmanuel C. Montoya.

Grown, sewn and designed in the USA. Printed using eco-friendly,
water-based inks on 100% organic cotton. View our sizing chart.

We're only making one run of this unique, limited-run design and the clock is ticking. Get yours before it's gone for good! 10% of your purchase will be loaned directly to an American entrepreneur via Kiva.
Email for wholesale discounts and pricing.

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