The Brave Team

This is the story of three people with two good ideas for one great T-shirt.

Cheri Larsh ArellanoCheri Larsh Arellano

With backgrounds in design, photography and fashion retail, Cheri founded Conscious Creative in 2001, a San Francisco Bay Area-based boutique creative agency dedicated to serving green businesses and non-profits. Having worked in the corporate and entertainment markets in Los Angeles, she knew her creative work would be more fulfilling serving socially conscious and green business communities. Cheri is pleased to be expanding her horizons in creating a sustainable product line, and is using Brave Threads to give back to the community.

Mark ArellanoMark Arellano

A Bay Area native, Mark moved to Los Angeles in 1997 to learn the craft of filmmaking. After attending UCLA’s film school, he worked at NBC, Miramax and the Slamdance Film Festival before moving back home to San Francisco in 2001 to help Cheri start Conscious Creative, where he currently functions as its resident writer, director and cinematographer. A creative spirit with the mind of an inventor, Mark enjoys dreaming up innovative ideas that serve humanity, and Brave Threads is an extension of this vision.

Jake BreretonJake Brereton

In 2010, just months after graduating from college, Jake worked with a handful of other entrepreneurs from his alma mater to found Green Town Toys, a maker of American made, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable toys. Recognizing the significant market opportunity for sustainable products, and grounded in the belief that the best products are produced domestically, Jake decided to replicate his success at Green Town Toys in the apparel industry.

The Brave Team

In March of 2011, fate (well, really Star Wars, but that story's for another time and place) brought us together and we decided to combine our diverse experiences, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for making a difference. Brave Threads was born.

Together, we enjoy bringing you T-shirts that you won't find anywhere else. By shopping at Brave Threads you'll not only be purchasing a distinctive piece of clothing, but you'll be supporting American entrepreneurs and artists from coast-to-coast.

Thank you for your interest in Brave Threads. We hope you enjoy wearing our shirts as much as we do!

Stay Brave,
Cheri, Mark & Jake