The Brave Investment

When we say that we're making shirts that are good for the people, we really mean it.

To accomplish this we've partnered with Kiva, a non-profit that provides microfinancing to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Here's how it works

10% of your Brave purchase goes into a Kiva loan, which goes directly into the pocket of an entrepreneur financing their small business. This enables those in need to build a foundation from which they can work towards realizing their own American dream.

Here's the most exciting part

Because Kiva provides loans, and not grants, the loan we've invested on your behalf will slowly be paid back over time. As it is paid back, Brave Threads will continue to reinvest this money into other Kiva projects. The more purchases made, the more total capital we can continue to invest in new businesses for years to come.

And, because it is ultimately your contribution that's being invested, Brave Threads encourages each of our customers to peruse Kiva and select a project in which they would like to see their money invested. We sincerely value the thoughts and opinions of Brave customers and it is our hope that you become personally invested in the future of these individuals beyond your initial monetary contribution.

As American entrepreneurs ourselves, we could not be prouder to support other American businessmen and businesswomen in their respective ventures. Brave Threads could not produce our distinctive T-shirts without the abundance of opportunities, talent and resources that our nation provides, and it is our mission to ensure that other Americans are able to realize this same opportunity.

Here's why it matters

At Brave Threads we've worked hard to create something that not only supports our national economy and the livelihood of artists from coast to coast, but also makes the world at large a better place. With your help, we have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of people around the United States who are working to achieve their American dream.

Together, by investing in tomorrow's business leaders through Kiva, we are investing in our future. Join us.