The Brave Artists

While our artists could not be more diverse in background and artistic style, we're proud and humbled to call them the lifeblood of the Brave Threads brand.

Werc Alvarez Werc Alvarez

Born: Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico
Raised: El Paso, Texas
Currently Resides: El Paso, Texas

Werc's creations are based on inspirations that come from border culture, issues of labor, logos, symbols, urbanization, archetypal language of design and the nostalgic humor among immigrant cultures. In his paintings, he explores aspects of duality and the politics of identity. His paintings often are created by hunting and gathering found cardboard that later become part of his creations.

Werc's murals can be seen around Southern California and throughout the United States, Mexico & abroad. His latest public art commission, a 90-foot mixed media mural, sits on the border of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez at the El Paso Stanton Street Port of Entry. His studio-based works have been exhibited in numerous galleries as well as institutions such as the Snite Museum of Art at the University of Notre Dame and the Museum of Monterey. Werc's artworks are in the Getty Museum collection and are part of the traveling exhibition named “Chicanitas”, which are small paintings from the Cheech Marin collection.

Werc has been published in various books, magazines, and media such as See No Evil, Mural Art, Artillery Magazine, Graffiti Planet, and others.

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Gera LozanoGeraldine Lozano

Born: Peru
Raised: New Jersey & New York
Lived: San Francisco, California
Currently Resides: El Paso, Texas

My artwork is informed by an ancestral and a personal female perspective. Using displacement as a form of making art from a heightened sense of place in order to evolve rituals, I emphasize the imagination being an attribute of our soul not our mind. Mapping intimate and public experiences of exotic and globalized natures, I am an investigator of the attachments to place, culture, identity and desire. In my art practice I work to free these conditionings from self and representations. My pieces introduce new myths to the universe of infinite consciousness, in essence representing the same energies and elements of the stories and myths of the world. They are inspired by love, creation, transformation, and the archetypal characteristics of the universe.

Through performance, video, sculpture, installation, and photography I become a self-referential transitive pattern filter, integrating the feminine body as a vehicle and a critical site of personal and political power.

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Clee SobieskiClee Sobieski

Born: Honolulu, Hawaii
Raised: Escondido, California
Lived: Santa Cruz, California; Nîmes, France; San Francisco, California
Currently Resides: Murrieta, California

Sobieski creates art that is fun, colorful and tugs at your childhood heartstrings. His goal has always been to create pieces that make the viewer immediately smile. A self-taught artist, Sobieski began his artistic journey on a whim, when he purchased a handful of painting materials at an art supply store in 1996. Armed with nothing but clearance paintbrushes, he quickly produced a series of paintings that were, by his own admission, really bad. But he was hooked.

While Sobieski's paintings are deceptively simple, he prides himself on creating pieces that are amazingly detailed. Sobieski's earlier works were influenced by Fernand Léger, Tamara de Lempicka, and Marc Chagall. Keith Haring would prove to be a transitional influence on Sobieski's art—art that is now heavily inspired by coloring books, Godzilla movies, Saturday morning cartoons and, well, just about anything and everything that makes him smile.

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E.J. Rudy E. J. Rudy

Born & Raised: Las Vegas, Nevada
Lived: Greencastle, Indiana
Currently Resides: Las Vegas, Nevada

EJ Rudy explores the motion and meaning of the human form in his work. His photographs and designs capture alternatively the intensity and subtlety, the force and gentility, the deliberation and the aloofness of human intent. Whole bodily forms often appear in his work, though the massive, monolithic backgrounds in which he places his subjects cause the viewer to wonder about the motivations behind the parts of the works that aren't in motion, and how inspiration and interest become the first mover of all people's actions.

Although he has some formal training in the arts, EJ has found his most inspired work to come from his own experimentation and exploration of the environments around him. A forlorn traveler, a jubilant crowd, a determined transient; his next subject is as likely to stumble upon him as he is to seek it out.

Shad ClarkShad Clark

Born: Evansville, Indiana
Raised: Orlando, Florida
Lived: Sunnyvale, California
Currently Resides: Oakland, California

Shad Clark is best known as a writer and independent filmmaker. In those fields, his stories are informed and inspired by social issues and ills, science and technology, and imminent possibility. When working in film, Clark employs a wider range of skills than those he’s known for, and this includes drawing and design.

Clark's illustrations are typically limited to sketches and storyboards that no one besides his producers and cinematographer ever see. But when Brave Threads approached him to create a design based on the theme “zombie love,” Clark couldn’t resist. Though he’s turned composited photos into art before, "Eat Your Heart Out" marks the first time Clark has evolved one of his sketches into a finished illustration.

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Emmanuel C. MontoyaEmmanuel C. Montoya

Born: Corpus Christi, Texas
Raised: San Francisco, California
Currently Resides: Berkeley, California

Emmanuel Catarino Montoya is a descendent of Lipan Apache and Mexican heritage and was born in the small south coastal town of Corpus Christi, Texas. Emmanuel is an enrolled member of the Lipan Apache Band of Texas.  For some fifty years Emmanuel has been a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area where he attended high school and went on to college and earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degree in printmaking at San Francisco State University.

At its core, Emmanuel’s style is a collage of many influences such as: the Chicano movement of the late 1960s & 70s to the master printmakers and muralists of contemporary Mexico and Latin America, and the contemporary art movement in North America during the 1930s and 40s. When he was a young artist growing up in San Francisco, Bill Graham’s 60’s rock concert posters—with their splashing, colorful imagery and flowing text that represented the era and music of the time, had a strong creative affect on him. To this day, this elemental style continues to resurface in his work. Emmanuel’s specific passion as an artist is for printmaking, which has a rich history and artistic tradition that goes back some 100 years—from the printmakers of Latin America and the United States.

Emmanuel has taught printmaking, mural painting and drawing in diverse venues that range from community-based organizations to university classrooms. Emmanuel’s collections and commissions include: The Supreme Court of California; Museo Estudio de Diego Rivera in Mexico; Mexican Fine Arts Center in Chicago, IL; “Quetzalcoatl: Deity of Knowledge & Culture” public artwork located in the Mission Branch Library, San Francisco, CA; the “Casablanca Room” murals in the College of Arts at San Francisco State University; The Library of Congress, Washington DC, The Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, CA and wood-sculpted shore birds as part of the mural, “Santuario” a work of public art at the San Francisco International Airport and the Alameda County Art Commission.

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Jim Nichols Jim Nichols

Born & Raised: Oklahoma
Lived: Petaluma, California
Currently Resides: Arkansas

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